A fun sideline to the hotels and resort photography is shooting cruise lines - it's really just another branch of hospitality photography but with a few variables. Here are a few images from a Central American job...

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I'm adding a link to an article that Shutterbug magazine did on me a while back, which outlines my approach to hospitality photography. It's always nice to get a bit of press and this was a very complimentary article (otherwise I wouldn't be linking it haha)!

Please click on this link or the image for the full article...

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So this is the place where I can jot down my thoughts and ideas about hospitality photography and also put up some images that are outside of my working life.

I'll put up a couple of shots of some extremely talented musicians, who I also happen to call friends of mine - I enjoy shooting portraits and it's something I don't get a lot of chance to do professionally any more...