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John moved from his native England in the 1990's where he shot a mixture of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and product images from his Central London studio. His relentless desire for travel and something new led him to move to America for a new chapter.

Since his move to America, John has specialized in hospitality and travel photography. His work takes him throughout North, South and Central America, the Caribbean and occasionally back into Europe. He travels with an experienced stylist and together they make every shoot fun, creative, on brand and on budget.

Since moving to the States, John has partnered with his agent, Jean Reese-Gibson, and together they have become known as one of the world's leading teams handling every aspect of hotel, resort, cruise-line and destination photography.

John currently lives on the north shore of Boston and, as both a US and UK citizen, enjoys life on both sides of the pond.

Apart from a lifelong passion for photography, John also enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, riding motorcycles, riding dirt bikes in Baja and discovering new places - not necessarily in that order.


"I know I should say it's his photographic equipment, but hands down John's most prized possessions are his motorcycles. There is no smile wider than his as he lifts off his mud splattered helmet after a rainy three hour ride to a meeting. I never mind revealing this however, as our clients appreciate that the same passion, enthusiasm and indomitable spirit also resides behind the camera".

Jean Reese-Gibson - Photographer's Agent